My Wedding Speech

Friends and colleagues – I’d like to thank all of you for being here today. Many of you are just like us; living in another country which makes friends and colleagues the closest persons we see in our daily life. It’s very touching that you all made it today.

When I first meet Henry, I’m attracted by his warm-hearted, drive and determination. We spent a lot of time chatting in the student lounge. Time seems to fly by so fast when I spent time with him. I’m usually not very talkative, but when I meet Henry, I found myself talk a lot. I love to share my happiness and sorrow with him. But at that time, I never thought we would stand here today to share the rest of our lives together.

Slowly after 7 years of spending time together, he become the men that I cannot live without. He is always there when I needed support, accompany me through difficult time. Whenever there is a something good or bad happen, he is the first person I would like to share the news with. They say that you don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without. This is certainly true with Henry, I simply couldn’t live without him and I look forward to growing old and grey with him at my side.

Today would not have gone nearly so well without the generous help of so many people. And whilst my husband has already taken care of the ‘thank yous’, I would like to single out a few of you for my own praise.

Firstly, to my wonderful colleagues, David, Jamie and JD. Thanks for your continuous support during work and life. Sometimes, just a few words, some eye contacts, a few greetings give me a lot of encouragement. Specially thanks David to let me borrow his lovely children Amy and Daniel.

Secondly, to my greatest bridal party. Jessie and Shan, you are like my sisters. We grow up together, we lived together for 3 years, and we support each other along the way. Scott and David, thanks for doing the pre-wedding photo shoot for us. Brian, thank for designing the signing picture. Liang, thanks for being our videographer of the day. Ming, thanks for your prompt support and being the MC of our wedding.

Thirdly, to the girl geeks, Peggy, Mel and Marty. Thanks for organising the girls geek nights, share the thoughts with me. When I’m down and lost, you girls are always there to provide ideas and encouragement. You girls are my idol and role models.

Last but not the least, Henry, thank you for being a perfect husband. Look how well you did today saying, ‘I do’ at the right place in the ceremony. As long as he keeps saying ‘Yes dear’ we’ll have a wonderful marriage. 😉

Finally, let me end as I began, by thanking you all once again for coming today. I can honestly say that today would not have been the same if we had not been in the company of our dear friends and colleagues. At wedding’s it is the guests that create the party atmosphere and you have certainly done that for us. May I propose a toast to love, laughter and friendship? Cheers!

By Jojo Wang